Copyrights and Terms of Use

All WaterLex publications are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License – CC BY

Under the terms of this Licence, all WaterLex work may be copied, redistributed and adapted for all purposes including commercial and non-commercial, provided you give appropriate credit to the licensor – i.e. WaterLex. In use of this work, there should be no suggestion that WaterLex endorses any specific organization, products or services.

The WaterLex logo remains registered under private ownership and thereby protected by law. Use of the WaterLex logo is not permitted.

If a translation of this work is created, it must include the following disclaimer along with the required citation: “This translation was not created by WaterLex. WaterLex is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this translation. The original [Language] edition shall be the authoritative edition.”

Detailed implications of the License:

  1. Freedom to use the work itself. This means that you can use WaterLex work however you want. This means without restrictions based on the kind of use: you may use it for commercial, political, or religious purposes, for example, or make unlimited copies in different formats to use on different devices.
  2. Freedom to use the information in the work for any purpose. In addition to being able to simply share you are also able to use the information it contains. For example, if it’s a research paper or educational course, you are able to build on it for your own research and teaching.
  3. Freedom to share copies of the work for any purpose. You can make and share as many copies as you want, wherever you want. This means you can put it on your blog or website, include it in books, share it on file-trading networks, sell it in stores, give it away on CDs–there is no limit on how many copies you can make or where you can copy them, and you can use them for any purpose, even commercially.
  4. Freedom to make and share remixes and other derivatives for any purpose. You can edit, remix, and transform a work. For example, you can build upon the original by making translations, mashups, fanfiction, and any other kind of derivative work you want, and share those remixed works freely, or even sell them.
  5. Responsibility. You are given all of the freedoms list above provided you give appropriate credit to the Licensor – i.e. WaterLex. Not complying with the required acknowledgments or restrictions on the use of the WaterLex logo amount to a breach of the terms of the License.