Sustainable use and access to safe water and sanitation for all

Our legal and policy research is fundamental to better understand water, sanitation and water governance at the international, national and local levels

Raising awareness on the human right to water and sanitation and increasing capacity of SDG 6 stakeholders and implementers is fundamental to our work

WaterLex is the catalyst for change in sustainable water governance and management through multi-stakeholder engagement and partnerships

Improved legal and policy frameworks, water governance and monitoring in line with human rights to water and sanitation

We analyse the data monitoring capabilities to establish indicators and enable increased compliance with human rights norms and principles

Programme Highlights

About Us

WaterLex is a development organization with UN ECOSOC and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) consultative status, and UN Water and Global Water Partnership (GWP) Partner status. It is a member of the UNECE expert group on equitable access to safe drinking water and of the UNDP Global Water Solidarity platform and the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP). WaterLex also enjoys governmental support, confirmed by ambassadors to the UN who are supporting the organization. Such political support is crucial to ensure that legal recommendations are brought down to, and supported, at national levels.

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WMO Building, 2nd Floor, 7 bis avenue de la Paix, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 900 16 64