Who are we and what do we do?

WaterLex is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), established in 2010 after the UN General Assembly resolution to support the human rights to water and sanitation (HRWS), and before the Sustainable Development Agenda Goals (SDGs) were introduced. Through expert legal staff and a distinguished membership, WaterLex has developed research and capacity enhancement tools to secure sustainable use and universal access to safe water and sanitation.  Multi-stakeholder engagement with National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), parliamentarians, water authorities, development and civil society organisations, and international organizations enables WaterLex to catalyse legal and policy reforms and increase accountability.

As more organisations have engaged with the HRWS, WaterLex has realized that its added value as an expert organisation lies in developing activities leading to a practical outcome. This step-change in activity uses evidence-based consortium approaches to test policies at a more holistic community and river basin level, monitoring the results with human rights-sensitive indicators, and then translating these benefits into local and national policy. Most of our programmes now have this community-based (bottom up) approach integrated with our top down expertise and engagement. The combination allows WaterLex to bring higher levels of influence in governance reform.

Where are we?

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