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The WaterLex Mission is to create sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide. WaterLex reviews water law and policy frameworks for human rights compliance and sustainability. It assists parliamentarians and governments with law and policy advice. Through multi-stakeholder dialogues, and with a focus on Sustainable Development Goal 6, WaterLex empowers parliamentarians, civil society, development practitioners and industry to improve legal compliance and positive impact on the human right to water and sanitation. WaterLex ensures sustainable water governance is at the forefront of the global agenda.

The WaterLex methodology is based on a firm understanding of water governance laws and policy, and builds on its status as a neutral and independent body for advising law makers.

What WaterLex Does

WaterLex performs legal Research and inclusive water governance mappings as the foundation of projects and programmes.

This research then leads to creation of tools and training materials for Knowledge Sharing for water governance stakeholders.

As a Catalyst for Change, WaterLex leverages its specialised methodologies and status with governmental institutions as a means to develop new Legal and Policy Frameworks, as well as to support the strengthening of Law Enforcement and Compliance at national level.

The ultimate goal for all WaterLex activities is the attainment of Sustainable Water Governance through Sustainable Water Management.


WaterLex research provides reference material on water law and policy frameworks for human rights compliance and sustainability. We work with national and international partners to ensure high quality, comprehensive research.

Knowledge Sharing

Raising awareness on the human right to water and sanitation and increasing capacity SDG 6 stakeholders and implementers is fundamental to our work.

  • Training for a Development Bank on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation policy compliance and SDG 6 implementation
  • Online and regional training on Human Rights-Based Approach to Integrated Water Resources
  • Capacity building of National Human Rights Institutions
  • Tool Kit on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (English and Spanish)

Catalyst for Change

WaterLex is the catalyst for change in sustainable water governance and management through multi-stakeholder engagement and partnerships.

Improved Legal and Policy Frameworks and Monitoring

WaterLex has contributed to the following outcomes:

  • “Pro-poor Development Strategy” Uganda Water Sector
  • “Shaping a new system of water governance: Promoting Parliamentary action on water” Resolution at the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
  • Water Law and Policy Reviews in Benin, Niger, Mexico, Morocco and Uganda
  • Adoption of African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights Resolution on international water law obligations

For more information:

Email : info(at)waterlex.org

About WaterLex:

WaterLex is an international public interest development organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a UN-Water Partner with UN ECOSOC special consultative status. Its mission is to develop sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide, particularly in regard to consistent water law and policy frameworks, with the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 6, water for all) in mind. It is an official member of the Global Water Partnership, UNDP Cap-Net, UNDP Global Water Solidarity, UNEP Global Wastewater Initiative, and Swiss Water Partnership.