Water and Peace

Turning elements of conflict into processes for peace

Since 2014, the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on Middle East Questions has proposed the establishment of initiatives that bring communities in the Middle East region together to focus on common challenges. The Committee recognises that investing in science and technology can bring nations together and help transform elements of war and conflict, into reasons for co-existence. The initiative stems from the Committee’s mandate to follow the peace process in the Middle East and facilitate dialogue with members of parliament from all political factions. The Committee agreed to promote projects for dialogue and coexistence conducive to peaceful settlement, and to revive the sense of possibility in the region.

WaterLex has been part of this initiative from the beginning as facilitators of the roundtable and is now partnering with IPU to set up a Network of Parliamentarians on Water, to bring parliamentary representatives together on a regular basis to learn, share ideas on water, and develop solutions for accelerating the implementation of SDG 6.  WaterLex will support this programme with its country mapping programme to help identify gaps in the governance framework, and to build on this information to develop monitoring programmes and test out technical solutions.  The programme is a multi-year project to develop tangible governance solutions for water access, while at the same time, providing an opportunity for peaceful engagement.