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Sustainable Water Law and Policy: Pioneering Research and Innovative Legal Research and Knowledge Sharing

The WaterLex Legal Research and Knowledge Programme connects academics to water-governance practitioners to offer a better understanding of the state of water and sanitation and water governance and the regulating framework at various levels.

Strategy and Objectives

Since its establishment in 2010, WaterLex has made an important contribution to national law and policy makers worldwide with its legal research and advisory service. WaterLex has developed a methodology to research the water governance frameworks in a country to identify the gaps that prevent achieving the human right to water and sanitation. The legal research projects of WaterLex therefore play a critical role within the WaterLex project cycle as it enables better understanding of the state of water and sanitation as well as water governance at the international, national and local levels.

In collaboration with academia, international organizations and pro bono legal support, the Legal Research and Knowledge Programme includes:

  • Country legal briefs based on legal research (publication);
  • Background research information for improving water governance;
  • Baseline study for identifying and addressing weaknesses in order to contribute to the improvement of the water sector in each country; and
  • Legal country mappings as part of full country mappings (tools for supporting implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6).

The Legal Research and Knowledge Programme seeks to provide support to various projects and programmes that require a legal analysis, in addition to undertaking and coordinating innovative water-related research activities with relevant academic partners and governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Recent Projects and Achievements

Legal country mappings
Landscape desk review of current national legal frameworks regulating water resources management, in partnership with White & Case and Thomson Reuters Trust Law Foundation. A recent example is the analysis of the national legal framework of Uganda in the 2015 WaterLex Uganda country mapping.

UNEP Good Practices in Wastewater Regulation Compilation
Contracted by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), WaterLex started a study in late 2014 examining good practices in wastewater treatment regulation, including a review of wastewater laws, regulations, and norms in developed and developing countries. The result is this 50-page e-book entitled Wastewater Legislation, Policies and Standards: Good Practices in the Regulation of Wastewater Treatment.

WaterLex Legal Database on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation
Starting Date: March 2012
Status: ongoing
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Publication: Compilation of Case Law on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation
Starting Date: August 2012
Status: first edition published
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Parliamentarian Programme: Capacity building of Members of Parliament
Starting Date: March 2013
Status: ongoing
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National Human Rights Institution Initiative for Good Water Governance
Starting Date: October 2013
Status: ongoing
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