Indigenous Peoples

Using awareness of HRWS as a tool for engendering action

WaterLex has been active in several Central American countries from 2012, working with NHRIs in Mexico and El Salvador to raise awareness of HRWS through regional workshops and keeping in touch through the NHRI Water Initiative.  Although both countries have been politically sensitive to reform on water laws, the engagement and willingness to improve access to water and sanitation has remained, and we were invited this April to conduct a more extensive Central American regional training , including NHRIs and NGOs from other neighbouring countries (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala), and hosted in San Salvador.

We are developing a publication on good practices for HRWS in Central America, which is being launched at World Water Week in August 2018.

The individual action plans that resulted from this workshop have identified a number of rural and indigenous villages that could become ambassadors for how to use a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to support both conservation and people’s access to safe water. Phase two of this programme is to develop multi-year programmes at village level to find solutions for access to water and sanitation that will progressively realise the HRWS, and to continue to work with the NHRIs to support policy reform based on the results.