Country Legal Mapping

WaterLex have developed a methodology for legal and policy mappings to access human rights to water and sanitation which entails a review of national and international water governance framework in conjunction with international human rights legal framework. Through this we are able to identify laws which support realisation of access to safe water and adequate sanitation. 

Beyond finding the laws which are present, one key component of the mapping involves identifying the gaps within the framework where the laws do not include the various normative criteria for the rights to water and sanitation. The identification of these gaps most significantly provides an opportunity to begin dialogue and action in the way of law and policy reform extending to supporting practical implementation to further the fulfilment of the human rights to water and sanitation.

To the left, extracts from one of our Country Legal Mappings can be viewed. Scroll down to find Country Legal Mappings published and available to read online. More Country Legal Mappings will be uploaded continuously. Please contact us for additional copies or information about the Country Legal Mappings. 



Benin*        FR

Burkina Faso






Uganda*     ENG

El Salvador    ESP

Guatemala     ESP

Honduras       ESP

Mexico*         ENG

Nicaragua      ENG



India         ENG

Japan       ENG

Nepal       ENG

Turkey      ENG

France        ENG

Germany    ENG


Coming soon.

* Documents differ from the standard country legal mapping, available in their full-length publication as found here