Latin America Network

Supporting the SDG 6 Agenda in Latin America is a long term goal for WaterLex, recognising the low access to water and sanitation, especially for indigenous populations and other marginalised sections of the community. WaterLex is developing a wide range of research and capacity enhancement programmes to explore optimal ways for engagement.

Highlights in 2019 include the support that WaterLex is giving to the Mexican water authority, CONAGUA, on including the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation (HRWS) into the National Water Programme. WaterLex has a long-standing relationship with the Mexican NHRI, and has supported with capacity building and awareness course, developing handbook materials for the general public, and general support to the integration of human rights in the new water laws.

In Central America, WaterLex has supported a regional approach with the support of the Canton of Geneva, including NHRIs, water and sanitation service providers and government authorities in a workshop in 2018 to review the status of the HRWS in each country and share good practices for including a Human Rights-Based Approach.