Human Rights Day

To mark this annual event on 10th December, WaterLex likes to host an event to talk about people’s access to water and sanitation.

In December 2017, speakers from UNHCR, Geneva Water Hub, OHCHR and ILO were able to share their knowledge about particular situations, particularly for transboundary situations, refugees, women and girls, and people in work. In addition to the panel, we also launched our new handbook on Human Rights to Water and Sanitation.

This first-of-a-kind handbook on HRWS includes an Annotated Selection of International and Regional Law and Mechanisms. It is a collection of existing water and sanitation-related international and regional frame-works for those practitioners who wish to improve water governance and contribute to the realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation (HRWS).

It is designed to help those members of civil society that wish to better inform and advocate for national level reforms, as well as other actors, such as parliamentarians or government officials, who would like to better understand the broader context of the human rights to water and sanitation to strengthen their work at a national level. The handbook, which benefited from a collaboration with experts worldwide, compiles, collates, and annotates extracts from international and regional law, and mechanisms. It explains how different frameworks, such as international human rights law, environmental law and humanitarian law, can contribute to the realisation of human rights to water and sanitation, and it also outlines the existing international and regional bodies and frameworks that can help to advance those rights.