Catalyst for Change

1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind
Innovation Event
World Summit on Leaving No One Behind
Support to Special Rapporteur
Human Rights Council
WaterLex is based in Geneva - the human rights centre of the world - and is able to contribute to a number of initiatives through the Human Rights Council (HRC) and in support of the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights ...
Regional Activities
Latin America Network
Supporting the SDG 6 Agenda in Latin America is a long term goal for WaterLex, recognising the low access to water and sanitation, especially for indigenous populations and other marginalised sections of the community. WaterLex ...
Regional Activities
African Network
WaterLex contributes to a range of regional activities in Africa, related to water and sanitation and SDG6 implementation. These activities enable WaterLex to provide expertise in regional initiatives, and include key actors in our other ...
Celebratory Events
Human Rights Day
To mark this annual event on 10th December, WaterLex likes to host an event to talk about people’s access to water and sanitation. In December 2017, speakers from UNHCR, Geneva Water Hub, OHCHR and ILO ...