Capacity Building

WaterLex capacity building activities aim to support a wide range of audiences to integrate the human rights to water and sanitation into their programming at the regional and national levels. As a neutral and independent actor, WaterLex facilitates targeted multi-stakeholder training events to mainstream HRWS and to assist stakeholders in the implementation of SDG6 with tools and checklists tailored to their specific needs.

Safe Water Programme
WaterLex has an established relationship with the National Human Rights Institution (NHRC) in Kathmandu through its NHRI Water Initiative. The NHRC contributed to the good practices compilation in 2014 and attended the WaterLex ...
Governance and Sanitation Workshop
Haiti has the lowest rates of access to improved water and sanitation infrastructure of the western hemisphere (64% with basic access to water, and 31% to basic sanitation). This situation was likely exacerbated by the earthquake in 2010 ...
Common Platform
NHRI Water Initiative
The NHRI Common Platform was launched on the occasion of World Water Day 2016. For this occasion, all National Human Rights Institutions were invited to a cocktail reception held at the WMO building in Geneva, where they were introduced ...
NHRI Workshop
Georgia and Armenia
The Ombudsman of Georgia recently launched a project to monitor implementation of the rights to access to drinking water and sanitation, and to conduct relevant awareness-raising campaigns across the country. Special attention ...
A human right-based approach for Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples
Employment of an HRBA to Integrated Water Resources Management (IRWM) has proven to be an effective methodology to support river basin representatives to integrate a more human-rights sensitive approach to water resource ...