WaterLex Director General, Amanda Loeffen, explains the connection between climate change and marginalised people that are left behind in the session organised by UN-IWE

‘Leaving No One Behind’ is a phrase that embodies the human right to water, ensuring that no-one should be excluded from this essential element for life.  With the annual theme at Stockholm World Water Week based on social inclusion, WaterLex was given a licence to present some of its latest research on water tenure and its analysis of national water laws to establish how well the human rights to water and sanitation have been included.

Maria Querol, Senior Legal Advisor at WaterLex invites a panel of experts from FAO, AIDA, GWP and Rights and Resources Initiative, to explore interpretation of water tenure as a new concept.

(Clockwise, from top left, Maria Querol (WaterLex), Chloe Ginsberg (RRI) and Monika Weber-Fahr (GWP), Stefano Burchi (AIDA)

Following the 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind in February this year, it was also an excellent opportunity to showcase several of the innovative winning finalists, and how they demonstrate the meaning of a human rights-based approach.

Showcase for 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind
Clockwise from top left: Evan Manzano (CAWST) discusses community-based technical solutions; Deepthi Wickramsinghe (GWP Sri Lanka) on community rainwater harvesting to solve CKD water-borne diseases; dancing dragon in the exhibition area (unknown); Murray Burt (UNHCR) on human rights-based solutions to WASH in refugee camps.