L-R Cynthia Bleu-Laine (WaterLex), Rio Hada (OHCHR), Gabriella Casanova (WaterLex)

WaterLex and OHCHR took the opportunity to share learnings from the 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind at the UNECE 11th Meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health.  Rio Hada, OHCHR, introduced the relevant chapters from this year’s World Water Development Report on Leaving No One Behind, launched on World Water Day. Gabriella Casanova and Cynthia Bleu-Laine, WaterLex, used this ministerial forum to share the human rights-based approach (HRBA) included in the winning projects from the Summit. 

The Summit was developed to support practical solutions for realising human rights to water and sanitation, highlighting projects that are accessible and affordable for local communities, incorporating an HRBA, and easily scalable through replication in other areas. The projects include innovation through technical solutions and approaches to inclusion and can demonstrate practical ideas for SDG 6 implementation. 

This side event created an opportunity for UNECE government representatives and NGOs in the region to learn about the need for an HRBA to human rights to water and sanitation. Participants used the opportunity to discuss how such initiatives could inspire progress using the HRBA as a guiding principle.  

Side Event at 11th meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health under the Protocol on Water and Health, 4th April 2019