Year: 2019

The Greening and Humanisation of International Water Law

Water security can only be achieved through a human rights-based approach. This guest lecture presentation at Cowell College, UCSC from Dr Maria Querol from WaterLex enabled a discussion on the green principles of international water law and the need for a more human centric approach to achieve these goals. Maria was invited to present at […]

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Land and Water Governance to Achieve the SDGs in Fragile Systems – Conclusion of session, 4th April 2019, Land and Water Days 2019

“We need to “Wake-up” and realise that groundwater is being over-used and depleted”, says Charafat Afailal, former Minister in charge of water in Morocco. In the conclusion of the plenary, Amanda Loeffen summarised that the achievement of all the SDGs, and not just numbers 6 and 2 on water and food, especially in water scarce […]

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Putting People First in PPPs

Has a #HumanRights based approach been included in #PPPs? WaterLex speaks at 13th Session of the UNECE Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships, exploring the need for a human rights-based approach. The session was introduced by Ralph Heinrich, of the UNECE Public-Private Partnerships Unit, and Amanda Loeffen was joined by fellow panellists Beatrice Florah […]

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