9 May 2018: WaterLex 4th Scientific Committee Meeting, WMO Geneva

WaterLex will hosts its 4th Scientific Committee Meeting at Geneva headquarters. Members include a select group of prestigious academic experts in the human rights to water and sanitation arena

9 May 2018: WaterLex General Assembly, WMO Geneva

WaterLex will presents annual reports to founding member, board members and invited members.

24-26 April 2018: WaterLex’s workshop in Latin America

WaterLex is developing a workshop four Central America countries called: Securing national human rights institutions, civil society and other key actors in the realization of human rights to water and sanitation (HRWS) and SDG 6 in Latin America.

10-12 April 2018: SOPHEN (society of public health engineers), Kathmandu, Nepal

SOPHEN is organizing a three-day International Water, Environment and Climate Change Conference in Kathmandu. Through the conference, the organizers will focus on bringing up discussion on formulation of climate-resilient policies with due consideration of scientific knowledge and best practices for effective water resource and environmental management with an aim to promote the need for sustainable development through effective utilization of water resources and climate change measures

27 March 2018: WSSCC, Geneva

As part of its follow-up and review mechanisms, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,  Amanda Loeffen was invited to speak on the links between SDG and human rights reporting mechanisms during the WSSCC Internal Learning Series 2018.

13 March 2018: WaterLex Annual Partner Meeting, Geneva

WaterLex presents its annual review of work programmes to a selection of partners and interested board members

7 March 2018: Graduate Institute, Geneva

As part of its partnership with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Course Issue in Water Management, WaterLex, Rakia Turner delivered a presentation on water governances and human rights for the course’s graduate students. This presentation was a prelude to their coursework that will involve case studies for Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa and the Senegal River Basin.

1-2 March 2018: UNECE roundtable, Geneva

The objectives of this round table are to provide a forum for discussion on the main challenges related to ensuring universal access to water and sanitation in the UNICEF region for policymakers and other relevant stakeholders and to share approaches and solutions that support attainment of this ambitious 0bjective

1-2 February 2018: 28th UN-Water Meetings, Rome

UN-Water invite partners to a global meeting on water issues connected with the development agendas. The meeting discussed upcoming high-level events and report launches related to water and sanitation policy and practice, including the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.