One of the main causes of drinking water pollution and diarrhoea incidences is open defaecation. Still about 2.5 billion people do not use an improved sanitation facility, and about 1 billion people practise open defaecation. This requires an urgent need to promote effective wastewater treatment and disposal.

For the occasion of World Toilet Day 2017 with the theme wastewater, WaterLex would like to bring two very relevant publications to your attention.

Wastewater management is one of the biggest challenges to better protect human and ecosystem health. Although in most countries, wastewater management has lower priority than water provision, there is an urgent need to promote effective wastewater treatment and disposal, and to encourage the protection of aquatic receiving ecosystems.
To learn more about possible solutions, limits and strategies concerning wastewater please consult the WaterLex / UNEP publication: Sustainable Sanitation Systems: Health, Environment and Governance Challenges: The Case of Human Rights-Based Policy Reform in Alternative Wastewater Management Strategies
To download the report, click Wastewater report – WaterLex & UNEP


Wastewater management calls for a proper legal framework and cross-sectoral policy. WaterLex and UNEP jointly published an e-book which presents successful cases, procedures and processes in the implementation of wastewater legislation in six countries: Argentina, Australia, Finland, Jordan, Singapore and South Africa. Please click here to read more.

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