Dr Salman M.A. Salman

1st June at the 16th World Water Congress, Cancun, Mexico

Dr Salman M.A. Salman, one of our Honorary and Scientific Committee members, together with co-recipient Dr Cecilia Totajada, was recently bestowed with the IWRA highest recognition: The Crystal Drop Award.

Dr Salman, regarded as one of the definitive experts in the field of international water law has devoted his entire career and scholarship to water issues around the world. The following is a short transcript of Dr Salman’s acceptance speech.


Good afternoon water colleagues and friends,
I am deeply humbled by my selection as the co-recipient of Crystal Drop Award 2017. It is indeed a great honour, being a member since 1994 of the IWRA – the premier, global, inclusive think tank that encompasses all the discipline and experts around the world working on water resources. Thus, it is particularly rewarding and gratifying that this distinguished community of experts has recongnized my work on water law and policy and on the urgent need for cooperation on shared watercources. This is a mission i have embarked on some decades ago at my hometown, Khartoum, at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile in the Sudan. (Please clicke here to read more). As a reminder, despite the successes we have achieved, existing challenges to water resources are multiplying, and mounting and new ones are surfacing every day. We need to remain relevant and effective. However, we can only do so by redoubling efforts and by continuing to be innovative, proactive, adaptive and responsive.”

WaterLex would like to congratulate you on achieving this unique distinction and attaining this notable award from the IWRA Association. Your extensive knowledge and broad experience in the water resources sector certainly unparalleled.