The Dresden Nexus Conference hosted over 425 participants from over 50 countries to discuss how the sustainable use of environmental resources can be made more successful by using linked approaches. The conference focused on multifunctional land-use systems and resources management in resilient cities over three days (17–19 May) and under the “SDGs and the Nexus Approach: Monitoring and Implementation”.

Florian Thevenon, Scientific Officer from WaterLex, presented on “The Importance of Laws and Legal Frameworks to Provide Norms and Guidelines in Support of Effective and Sustainable Wastewater Management”. This presentation gave an overview of good practices in the implementation of wastewater legislation adopted by 6 different countries. Wastewater regulation and implementation are in fact highly context specific and must be done through governmental institutions, laws and local regulation, but also transboundary collaboration when needed. This results in a culture of wastewater management calling for good governance principles and a human rights-based approach, taking into consideration the human rights standards and principles related to the rights to water and sanitation.

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