Month: May 2017

Wastewater research 3rd case study – Jordan

Jordan: Policy effectiveness and increasing treated wastewater reuse   Jordan has one of the lowest levels of water availability per capita in the world. The Syrian crisis, the population increase, and the changing precipitation patterns in the region further aggravate the water scarcity impacts. Jordan has set up multi-level institutions capable to put into practice its […]

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The Dresden Nexus Conference

The Dresden Nexus Conference hosted over 425 participants from over 50 countries to discuss how the sustainable use of environmental resources can be made more successful by using linked approaches. The conference focused on multifunctional land-use systems and resources management in resilient cities over three days (17–19 May) and under the “SDGs and the Nexus […]

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Wastewater Research 2nd case study – South Africa

South Africa: A human rights-based approach to wastewater management For decades until 1994, public policy and the legal framework in South Africa were based on racial segregation affecting all spheres of life, with the result that up to 20 million South Africans (the majority belonging to the black community) were living without adequate sanitation. With […]

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