The SDC Global Program Water (GPW) Peer Review intends to create a dialogue and synergies between the GPW partners. The peer review is an important mechanism to help GPW and its partners to deliver on GPW Strategic Framework.  This 9th Peer Review comes at a crucial moment as we have to take stock of the past (GPW Strategic Framework 2013 – 2017) and discuss the future (GPW Strategic Framework 2017 – 2020).

Peer Review objectives:

• Enhancing the quality and efficiency of all the clusters of the GPWs strategy through interaction among the participants. Each peer review meeting addresses this objective by focusing on 1 key result, one key planned activity and one key challenge per program.

• Providing a space to forge connection among the programs/initiatives through casual interactions and through synergetic activities (informal and formal).

• Uplifting communication of the programs/initiatives with the view to i) strengthen the (SDC and partners) policy advocacy influence, ii) strengthen our expertise to address key global and national risks iii) increase the visibility of our activities.

• Getting a collective sense of the latest status of the mainstream global debate on GPW’s focus themes and key emerging trends