Amanda Loeffen, Director General of WaterLex speaking to parliamentarians about the importance of their role in SDG6 implementation, Budapest. Central and Eastern Europe is a region of contrasts with some countries really ahead of the game with the recent introduction of water laws embracing the human right to water and sanitation (e.g. Slovenia), but the average access to improved water supply still remains surprisingly low (14 million people without access) and sanitation even worse (62 million, ref. WHO 2015). Parliamentarians are in a unique position to support the drafting of national laws that support SDG6 (the sustainable development goal on water); encourage the provision of adequate budgets and also to enhance the awareness of their countries obligation to support the sustainable development goals. Approaching the goals on a regional basis, as supported by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), allows for sharing of ideas and a collective approach towards implementation. This regional seminar was a chance for countries in the region to start engaging. As stated by the president of IPU, Saber Chowdhury, there are only 13 years left to achieve the SDGs by 2030, so there is much work to do.

Amanda Loeffen @ IPU Budapest

IPU Budapest

Laszlo Kover presenting @ IPU Budapest