WaterLex is involved in events and training workshops throughout the year. Please check this page for recent updates.

28 September 2017: WaterLex 3rd Scientific Committee Meeting, WMO Geneva

The Scientific Committee convenes for its third meeting. A warm welcome and thank you to those members that are travelling from distant countries to attend this event.

14 September 2017: UN Human Rights Council, UN Palais de Nations, Geneva

The Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations and Caritas in Veritate Foundation has invited WaterLex Program Director, Rose Alabaster, to a side event in conjunction with the 36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council on the following theme: “The Right of Access to Water and Sanitation”. This event will be held on the 14th September 13h00-15h00 at the Palais des Nations. The objective of this event is to facilitate reflection and discussion on the right to water and sanitation as reflected in the SDGs especially with regard to its potential implementation at global, national and local levels and to identify practical recommendations and good practices that aim to facilitate such access.

27 August – 1 September 2017: World Water Week, Stockholm

27th August, 16:00-17:30 (Room FH Little Theater) WaterLex is co-hosting an event entitled “Implementation and monitoring of Human Rights to Water and Sanitation and SDG6” at World Water Week this year, featuring a dynamic exchange of practical experiences on the implementation of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation and SDG6 monitoring with a focus on human rights mechanisms, human rights tools, indicators and methodologies. This event will gather development partners, including regional bodies (Inter-American Development Bank, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights); civil society, (ONGAWA, WaterLex); bilateral agencies (AECID COSUDE) and governments representatives and practitioners working around the implementation and monitoring of HRWS and SDG6. The event will feature the following Paneliste: Ms Jamesina Essie L.King, Commissioner of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights; Leo Heller, Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation; Sergio Campos, Water and Sanitation Division Chef, HRWS in IADB; Natalia Gulón, Technical Adviser, AECID; and Rose Osinde Alabaster, WaterLex Programme Director, Africa Region.

27th August, 16:00-17:30 (Room FH 300) Event organised by UN Environment on “Opportunities and limits to water pollution regulations”. Dr Lisa Emelia Svensson will launched an e-book published by WaterLex and UN Environment: “Sustainable Sanitation Systems: Health, Environment and Governance Challenges: The Case of Human Rights-Based Policy Reform in Alternative Wastewater Management Strategies.” The event will feature the following Paneliste: Dr Lisa Emelia Svensson; UNEP, Dr  Simon Langan; IIASA, Dipak Gwavali; NAST, Alistair Boxall; University of York, Dr. Simon Buckle, OECD and Madison Condon; Columbia University.

31st September, 11:00-12:30 (Room NL PH) Event organised by UNESCO International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ) on “Emerging pollutants in water reuse: Addressing knowledge and policy gaps”. This events aims to provide a forum for a science-policy discussion on what needs to be done to address emerging pollutants, based on case study recommendations. The discussion will contribu5te to the development of technical and policy guidelines on emerging pollutants that will be developed by the project. Dr Florian Thevenon, WaterLex Scientific Officer will contribute to this event as a panel speaker on “The pioneering strategy in Switzerland to treat micropolluants: Legislative, financial and technical measures”. Other paneliste includes are Dr Olfa Mahjoub, National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water, and Forestry (INRGREF), Tunisia, Dr Sarah Hendry, University of Dundee – UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, UK, Dr Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa, UNESCO Division of Water Sciences – International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and Dr Claire Lyngå, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida.

6-7 July 2017: Middle-East roundtable on Water and Peace, IPU, Geneva

WaterLex is supporting IPU to organise and present on the Scond Roundtable for Water and Peace in the Middle East this July. Delegates from Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates will join with other countries from the Middle East IPU committee. The topics discuss will be relating to water and science for peace, with technological ideas for “making the water pie bigger” and the importance of good governance to realise implemantation of sustainable development goals related to water (SDG)

22-23 June 2017: Reseau Water Days, SDC, Bern

SDC Reseau Water Day – 22nd and 23rd June 2017 – the event purpose is to have a diverse audience and presence of as many SDC countries and water projects as possible where we can share ideas and thoughts with other water experts pool team.

9 June 2017: Innovate-4-Water Conference, Geneva

WaterLex Director General, Amanda Loeffen and Scientific Officer, Florian Thevenon participating in this innovative water event at the WIPO conference centre. This event will enable exchanges between water entrepreneurs, IGOs, NGOs and investors focussed on safe water and sanitation, and was co-hosted by Waterpreneurs.

17-19 May 2017: Dresden Nexus Conference, Germany

WaterLex Scientific Officer, Florian Thevenon speaks on the Importance of Laws and Legal Frameworks to Provide Norms and Guidelines in Support of Effective and Sustainable Wastewater Management.

16 May 2017:  GEOGLOWS General Businees Meeting, Alabama

Rose Alabaster attended the steering committee of GEO at The National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She emphasised the gap between information and decision-makers and the importance of investing in relationship and legislation to give a higher priority to the issues and the way to address them.

15-17 May 2017: European Regional Process for 8th World Water Forum, The Hague

Amanda Loeffen attended the kick off meeting for European Regional process for 8th World Water Forum, hosted by Portugal MfE with European Pact for Water.

10 May 2017: WaterLex General Assembly, WMO Geneva

WaterLex presents annual reports to founding member, board members and other invited members.

10 May 2017: WaterLex 2nd Scientific Committee Meeting, WMO Geneva

WaterLex hosts the second Scientific Committee Meeting at Geneva headquarters. Members include a select group of prestigious academic experts in the human rights to water and sanitation arena. This meeting was used to frame the roles and responsibility of the committee, how to share information on new topics and projects, and some time to brain storm particular issues of interest.

26 April 2017: Challenges in the water sector in Latin America and the Caribbean: IDB Perspective, SDC. Bern

Brown Bag lunch on the topic: “Challenges in the water sector in Latin America and the Caribbean: IDB perspective”. A presentation by Sergip Campos, Water and Sanitation Chief at IDB, and Agustin Aguerre, Infrastructure and Environment Manager, followed by an open discussion.

20 March 2017: Roundtable on “Data for Water, Peace and Security”, Geneva Water Hub, Geneva

Jointly organized by the Geneva Water Hub and the UNESCO Chair with WMO’s newly established HydroHub. This Roundtable addresses the role of water data, explore existing water data initiative, identify existing gaps and challenges to find synergies with peace and security policy development, aiming at suggesting a set of recommendations for the Panel to take forward, and for which appropriate messaging will be identified.

15-17 March 2017: 9th SDC Global Program Water Peer Review, Bern

An opportunity for WaterLex to contribute to the SDC Global strategy on water at this partner event in Bern. Amanda Loeffen presented on WaterLex country mapping approach for establishing the status of Human Rights to Water and Sanitation laws and policy frameworks at country and programmatic level.

14 March 2017: WaterLex Annual Partner Meeting, Geneva

WaterLex presents its annual review of work programmes to a selection of partners and interested board members.

23-24 February: IPU Regional Seminar, Budapest

Inter-Parliamentary Union Seminar, “Regional seminar for Parliaments of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia on parliaments and the implementation of the SDGs”.  The seminar focus is “how parliaments can effectively engage in policy making to facilitate the national implementation of the SDGs and to identify concrete parliamentary actions, most notably with regard to environmental risks and climate change issues. Through the prism of climate change challenges facing the region, the seminar will focus on the key role of water as an enabler of sustainable development as well as on the need of effective cooperation among parliaments in this regard.”

6-7 February: UN-Water Meetings, Geneva

UN-Water invite partners to a global meeting on water issues connected with the development agendas. WaterLex scientific Officer, Florian Thevenon, presents on the importance of good governance in wastewater re-use, and the link to human rights.

19-21 January: Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, Berlin

WaterLex’s Programme Director for Africa, Rose Osinde Alabaster, will speak at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), an “international conference concerning the future of the global agri-food industry.”  GFFA 2017 will tackle “Agriculture and Water – Key to Feeding the World”.

9-10 January: UNICEF-WaterLex Indicators Roundtable, Geneva

UNICEF and WaterLex co-hosted a roundtable expert meeting at WaterLex HQ to bring together experts in the water and sanitation sector and those from the sphere of human rights to water and sanitation. The objective of this expert meeting was to assess and define possible human rights to water and sanitation-sensitive indicators that can be integrated into WASH programming to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the SDG 6 Targets 6.1 and 6.2.