On Wednesday, 31 August, WaterLex attended a morning session on the revised monitoring and reporting framework by the African Ministers’ Council on Water. The purpose of this framework is to support the secretariat of AMCOW in developing a common reporting format, in order to be able to showcase progress at the African Union summit on Africa’s advance regarding water and sanitation.

So far, 7 themes and 41 indicators have been set to monitor water and sanitation on the whole continent. Training to countries to build their monitoring capacity will start shortly.

WaterLex has been and continues to be very involved on the African continent with several training sessions given in Cote D’Ivoire and Kenya recently, an extensive country mapping of Uganda completed in 2015 and cooperation with the Pan-African parliament on the draft of a resolution on the right to water and sanitation in 2013.

In the afternoon, WaterLex Director General Amanda Loeffen attended the event organised by the High Level Panel on Water. The objective of this session was to give information and updates on the progress of the High Level Panel. The High-Level Panel is co-chaired by President Ameenah Gurib of Mauritius and President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico. “Among other actions, it will seek to:

• Motivate Effective Action – Focusing public policy dialogue, private sector models and practices, and civil society initiatives towards the Water SDG; and
• Advocate on financing and implementation – Promoting efforts to mobilize financial resources and scale-up investment for the Water SDG, including through innovative financing and implementation strategies.”  (source)

At the same time, a talk was organised concerning the launch of the new Hotel Water Measurement Initiative, a tool that will help hotels measure and report on water consumption in a consistent way. This tool can potentially have a big impact on the sustainable use of water, because water use cannot be managed if it is not measured. This is particularly important in water scarce areas where hotels compete with the local population for the water resources.

Representatives of the International Tourism Partnership and Rezidor Hotel Group presenting the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative

Representatives of the International Tourism Partnership and Rezidor Hotel Group presenting the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative

As this was the last official day of the presence of WaterLex at World Water Week in Stockholm, WaterLex Director General Amanda Loeffen wanted to share her impressions about the event and its relevance for WaterLex:

Amanda Loeffen, WaterLex Director General

Amanda Loeffen

“This was my first time attending World Water Week in Stockholm and it was extremely interesting to see the major organisations of the water sector coming together in this forum.

This event has provided us with great opportunities to catch up with our major donors as well as engaging in constructive discussions with potential partners.

We are grateful to our partner the Swiss Water Partnership for sharing its booth with WaterLex. We are happy to support our Swiss heritage and to engage with other Swiss organisations dedicated to achieving universal access to water and sanitation.

WaterLex is truly starting to be recognised as the reference organisation for a human rights based water governance and we are looking forward to showcasing more of our work at Stockholm World Water Week 2017.”


Please also follow the WaterLex World Water Week updates online:

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WaterLex is an international public interest development organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a UN-Water Partner with UN ECOSOC special consultative status. Its mission is to develop sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide, particularly in regard to consistent water law and policy frameworks, with the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 6, water for all) in mind. It is an official member of the Global Water Partnership, UNDP Cap-Net, UNDP Global Water Solidarity, UNEP Global Wastewater Initiative, and Swiss Water Partnership.