Month: June 2016

WaterLex General Assembly Elects Four New Members of the Board

Photo: The WaterLex General Assembly elected its newest Board Members in May, 2016. From the left are new Board Members Dr Ania Grobicki and Mr François Münger, current WaterLex President Professor Eibe Riedel, current Honourable Secretary Catherine Brölmann, new Board Member Cécile Molinier, current Vice President Mr Yves Etienne, Executive Director and new Board Member, […]

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Historic Roundtable on Middle East Water: Outcomes from the IPU Committee on Middle East Questions

Photo Credit: Inter-Parliamentary Union. 2 June 2016. Delegates on balcony at IPU. Roundtable on Middle East Water, IPU Committee on Middle East Questions (image source)   “The role of science and technology in projects of peace” was the focus of this historic meeting held in Geneva, 31 May to 2 June, 2016. WaterLex General Manager Ms Amanda […]

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WaterLex at the GCSP Water Security Workshop: Enhancing Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

Photo Credit: Lorraine Schilling, WaterLex: Amanda Loeffen, WaterLex: “You’re ultimately trying to reach a goal, sustainable water management and governance. The solution is to set up transitional agreements that take on the challenge bit by bit.” The Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) organised a professional seminar 2-3 June 2016 on the theme “Water Security: Enhancing […]

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