A recent WaterLex Board Meeting with (L to R): Mr Jean-Benoit Charrin, Ms Amanda Loeffen, President of the Board Eibe Riedel, Ms Catherine Brölmann, Mr Giorgio Malinverni and Mr Yves Etienne.


Jean-Benoit Charrin

Jean-Benoit Charrin

During the 2016 WaterLex General Assembly on 11 May 2016, Mr Jean-Benoit Charrin and President of the Board of Directors Dr Eibe Riedel, announced the promotion of Mr Charrin to the WaterLex Board of Directors. His role as Executive Director will end 31 July 2016, when he will join the Board and contribute to the strategic planning and direction of WaterLex in the coming years.

As one of the co-founders of WaterLex, Mr Charrin has successfully led WaterLex as Executive Director since 2011. His commitment to the human right to water and sanitation and to improving international water governance is unparalleled. Under his leadership, WaterLex has become a true catalyst for change. “It has been an amazing six years,” says Mr Charrin. “Moving up to the Board of Directors is an honour, and I am confident that the WaterLex team will continue to its important work under the leadership of Ms Loeffen.”

Dr Riedel took the opportunity at the end of the General Assembly to share some of the many important accomplishments of Mr Charrin. “Jean-Benoit had, above all, the vision that the human right to water and sanitation and the resulting democratic control of water had the potential to drive systemic change to bring about sustainable water governance. His ability to network and to understand the constraints in which each water governance stakeholder operates helped him identify unique intervention opportunities. His capacity to analyse and translate complex governance recommendations and create a safe space for multi-stakeholder dialog were a tremendous asset for WaterLex. Under his drive and leadership, WaterLex obtained, in exceptionally short time, both the UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status and the UN-Water Partner Status. Two of his most notable achievements while at the helm of WaterLex were the 2015 Resolution on water governance adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and formulating what has become the successful and still-growing NHRI Water Initiative.”

Amanda Loeffen appointed as Director General of WaterLex

Amanda Loeffen

Amanda Loeffen

With the promotion of Mr Charrin to the WaterLex Board, WaterLex welcomes Ms Amanda Loeffen as Director General. “I am extremely pleased and honoured to be leading WaterLex,” said Ms Loeffen. “It is an honour to succeed such an inspiring and dedicated predecessor. I am looking forward to contributing to WaterLex as our team works toward achieving the SDGs and securing the human right to water and sanitation in the framework of better water governance.”

Ms Loeffen joined WaterLex in July 2015 as a consultant before becoming the WaterLex General Manager (COO) in September 2015, where she managed the operations of the organization. Previously, Ms Loeffen founded and managed AL Resources, a project management company, where she led a $400-million project focused on engineering design, environmental consent, and multi-stakeholder engagement for a community-funded irrigation and hydro-generation infrastructure project in New Zealand. She has extensive prior experience working in the private sector and leading teams of people, which will be a key success factor for her at WaterLex as its scope expands. Additionally her experience in raising funds, managing multi-disciplinary work streams, and liaising with social, cultural and environmental stakeholders gives her the perfect range of skills for leading WaterLex. She has an MBA (Finance) from Chicago Booth Business School, USA; and a BSc (hons) in Chemistry from the University of Surrey, UK.

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