Mr. Jan van de Venis, on behalf of WaterLex, conducted a training session for 20 Indonesian diplomats at Clingendael, The Netherlands Institute on International Relations in The Hague on 3 May 2016. The junior diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia learned about International Water Law as part of a comprehensive course at the Clingendael Institute on International Relations.

Clingendael Institute on International Relations, The Hague

Clingendael Institute on International Relations, The Hague

Mr. van de Venis trained the diplomats on:

  • The international legal framework for human rights-based water governance and the human right to water and sanitation;
  • The different duties and potential cooperation of the State and other actors, such as civil society groups and business, in relation to the right to water and sanitation; and
  • An introduction into the Law of the Sea and UNCLOS convention.

The topics addressed issues specific to Indonesia with an emphasis on the local context related to access to improved sources of water and sanitation, environmental concerns, human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. The training reaffirmed the overlap between poverty and the lack of access to safe water and sanitation: a lack of access to water contributes to poverty, and poverty is one factor related to why people do not have access to water. The same is true regarding access to sanitation. The group also briefly discussed the new Indonesian water law, which is under development after the Constitutional Court of Indonesia annulled the Water Resources Law of 2004 based on the people’s rights to water.

During the interactive part of the training, many questions and ideas were brought to the table, including how to ensure long-term stability and sustainability of drinking water and sanitation in rural and remote areas, how to improve water quality and stakeholder participation in highly populated areas in cities, and how to manage potential conflicts of rights, such as the rights of indigenous peoples to water resources and the rights of other people, downstream, to access to clean drinking water.

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