WaterLex is proud to introduce its support for the establishment of Waterpreneurs, an initiative that creates greater access to clean, affordable water (and sanitation) by scaling up the impact of water entrepreneurs in a safe environment with ethical funding. Waterpreneurs works in the field to generate impact in local communities.

Waterpreneurs will connect businesses and non-profits with each other based on shared interests. Waterpreneurs will also collaborate with corporations that have supply chains in water-stressed areas.

The idea of Waterpreneurs came from the WaterLex Business & Human Rights programme, out of dialogues with established water experts.

In 2016, the Waterpreneurs core team is finalising its governance model (a for-profit organization, B-Corp certified, fully owned by WaterLex), designing global partnerships and building its networks. In addition, it is preparing its concept validation through five small projects in Asia and Africa that will help it identify new business models that will enable the scaling-up of local, water-focused entrepreneurial ventures. The official launch of Waterpreneurs will happen in August 2016 at World Water Week, Stockholm.

True to social entrepreneurship principles, the enabling environment of WaterLex will provide Waterpreneurs with a foundation to secure and scale-up business involvement in water and sanitation services delivery. Any profits Waterpreneurs generates will be reinvested in the further growth of the company, or allocated to support local communities’ projects connected to its activities.


For questions, please contact:
Brieux Michoud at brieux.michoud (at) waterpreneurs.net
Nicolas Lorne at nicolas.lorne (at) waterpreneurs.net
Waterpreneurs website