Several ambassadors and other dignitaries joined about 60 guests at a cocktail reception celebrating WaterLex’s recent move to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)  building in Geneva on Friday, 22 May.

WaterLex, founded in 2010, moved to the building, at 7 bis avenue de la Paix, in late March 2015. The location also serves as secretariat headquarters for UN-Water, which counts WaterLex as a member.

At the event, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and networking followed welcoming remarks by Yves Etienne, vice president of the Board of Directors, and Jean-Benoit Charrin, executive director of the International Secretariat. The two described aspects of the international public-interest development organisation’s history and recent activities.

Photos from the reception

Elodie Tranchez and Makane Mbengue

WaterLex Legal Desk Officer Elodie Tranchez and Professor Makane Mbengue of the University of Geneva.

Daniel Charrin and Javier Moctezuma

WaterLex members Daniel Charrin and Javier Moctezuma, general director of Foundation Gonzalo Rio Arronte (Mexico) and Ambassador of Mexico to the Holy See (2004-2005).

Graziele Muniz Miranda and WL staff

Graziele Muniz Miranda, P.hD. candidate at the University of Lausanne, second from left, with B. Michoud, left, Brahim Amadane and Viktoria Mohos Naray of the WaterLex International Secretariat.

Group shot at end of WMO reception

At the close of the WMO cocktail reception, remaining guests and staff posed for a group shot on the deck.

Makane Mbengue, Ambassaor Onyahga Aparr

Professor Makane Mbengue, left, with Pierre Sob, former Camaroonian diplomat and UN gender and human rights advisor, and Ambassador Onyanga Aparr of Uganda.

Executive Director Jean-Benoit Charrin, center, and board VP Yves Etienne, right, greet Louis Duret, mayor of Neuvecelle, France.

Executive Director Jean-Benoit Charrin, center, and board VP Yves Etienne, right, greet Louis Duret, former mayor of Neuvecelle, France.

























Photos on this page by WaterLex Events and Fundraising Manager Lynn Sorrentino. 

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About WaterLex:

WaterLex is an international public interest development organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a UN-Water Partner with UN ECOSOC special consultative status. Its mission is to develop sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide, particularly in regard to consistent water law and policy frameworks. It works with an alliance of interested parties to improve water-governance frameworks, bringing them in line with country obligations under international human rights law. The interested parties are individuals and groups working in government (diplomatic missions), academia (professors of law, researchers), bilateral cooperation (water management advisors), the judiciary (high/supreme courts judges), the UN system (UN-Water family members), and civil society (NGOs that work on water issues). WaterLex works in partnership with 85 universities to continuously enrich the content of the WaterLex Legal Database. The organisation is funded by grants and project financing from public agencies, foundations, private gifts, and in-kind contributions. Established in 2010, when the human right to water was recognised by the UN, the organisation has a secretariat in Geneva with 15 staff members, a supervisory board of directors, and a large pool of members and expert advisors. It is an official member of the Global Water Partnership, UNDP Cap-Net, UNDP Global Water Solidarity, UNEP Global Wastewater, and the Swiss Water Partnership.