The Operations Desk undertakes a set of core activities and delivers a range of key products that are practically oriented and serve to overcome the abovementioned obstacles for the realization of the HRWS. These include

  • Country mappings assessing the extent to which progress is being made on the realization of the HRWS and highlight areas which require attention;
  • The elaboration of national action plans for the realization of the RTWS;
  • The provision of  field assistance and training to governments and civil society networks;
  • Support to human rights institutions, academic institutions and NGOs on national reporting systems as well as access to mechanisms for complaint and redress;
  • The provision of tools and learning materials to assist stakeholders in:
    • a) the implementation of the HRWS;
    • b) integrating the HRWS into Integrated Water Resources Management  (IWRM)
    • c) integrating the HRWS in emergency situations.

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