To address the gaps and pitfalls on the way to realizing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRWS), the Operations Desk provides direct support to stakeholders and develops practical implementation tools on the foundations of a human rights based approach (HRBA) [1]

WaterLex benefits from the experience and skills of its members. More than 60 international specialists who have for decades committed themselves to improving water access, equitable development, or respect for human rights or emergency relief, have joined WaterLex. Together, they act as a reference group for our work.

In addition, the Operations Desk builds upon the research activities and legal resources of the Legal Desk such as the WaterLex Online Database on the Right to Water and Sanitation, contacts with local partners, and academic partnerships.

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Figure: Key Stages in the Realization of HRWS

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[1] This implies promoting and protecting the HRWS based on internationally agreed human rights standards and principles, identifying  the rights-holders and their entitlements and the corresponding duty-bearers and their obligations, and understanding why certain people are unable to enjoy their HRWS. Finally, it means working to strengthen the capacity of duty bearers to comply with their obligations and right holders to claim and exercise their rights.