Riedel and Ize-Charrin, WaterLex General Assembly 2014

Outgoing WaterLex Board of Directors President Maria-Francisca Ize-Charrin, left, with new President Eibe Riedel.

Charrin, Riedel, and new board members, WaterLex General Assembly 2014

From left to right: WaterLex Executive Director Jean-Benoit Charrin (CH); Board Vice President Yves Etienne (CH); new Board member Abby Onencan (UG); Board President Eibe Riedel; and new Board member Catherine Brölmann (NL).

WaterLex General Assembly 2014 011

Outgoing Board President Maria Francisca Ize-Charrin and Executive Director Jean-Benoit Charrin speak to the General Assembly.

WaterLex General Assembly 2014 026

Attendees to the 2014 WaterLex General Assembly, including directors, members, and General Secretariat staff.

















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