Shedding Light on the Realisation of the Human Right to Water in Asia

WaterLex participated in the 1st Franco Asian Symposium on Water and its Eco-treatment organised by the Sasakawa Foundation, SLQI Systems, Académie de l’Eau and Pôle Aquimer on 4 February 2014 at the Pavillon de l’Eau in Paris (France) to present the legal implications for Asian countries of the international recognition of the human right to water.

WaterLex could actually specify that Asian countries already recognised the right to water at regional level in 2007 before the international recognition by the United Nations in 2010. Moreover, this recognition was taken one step futher by the ASEAN which officially enshrined the “right to safe drinking water and sanitation” in the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration adopted in November 2012.

Besides, the legal acknowledgment of a right to water for basic needs (domestic/principal/rudimentary uses) was undertaken at local level as early as in 1996 in Lao, followed by Indonesia in 2004 and Cambodia in 2007. Asia also played a leading role in courts since the major decision on the right of future generations to a healthy environment was a water contamination case ruled by the Supreme Court of the Philippines in the matter of Minors Oposa v Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (1993).

References to national legislations are available in the WaterLex Legal Database which was presented to participants.

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