Presenting the Human Rights-Based Approach to Integrated Water Resources Management 

WaterLex was invited by the Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work of the University of Mumbai to attend the International Conference on the Political Economy of Water in Mumbai (India) on 19-21 December 2013. The conference focused on the role of social work in water governance in India.

The physical and distributional scarcity of water is a social work challenge considering its impact on the marginalised and underpriviledged. The aim of the conference was to examine the various nuances of water scarcity and develop strategies for social work interventions. Its key themes were the human right to water, the dynamics and politics of water, and people-centred interventions.

The conference featured keynote speakers such as Dr Rajendra Singh, expert on social mobilisation and traditional rainwater harvesting, and Dr Mehda Patkar, known from her campaigns for dam-affected peoples during the construction of the Narmada dam. WaterLex presented a paper on the human rights based-approach to water resources management, sharing recent international experiences with the predominantly Indian audience.

Picture Credit: © WaterLex 2013