WaterLex at the Cap-Net UNDP Annual Management Meeting in Bali

WaterLex was invited to participate in the Cap-Net UNDP Annual Network Managers Meeting in Bali (Indonesia) on 11-15 November 2013 which was entitled “A New Strategic Phase for Cap-Net in 2014-2017: Strengthening Networks and Fostering Partnerships”. At this occasion, WaterLex officially became a new partner of the network.

As a result of exchanges in Bali, an agreement was signed between WaterLex and Cap-Net UNDP setting the framework of the collaboration in the coming years on capacity building on the human rights-based approach to water governance. Planned activities include the drafting of a training manual on the human rights-based approach to integrated water resources management and subsequent regional trainings, as well as the production of a French version of the WaterLex Toolkit on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation and related training in the Congo River Basin.

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Picture Credit: © WaterLex 2013