Contributing to the Realisation of the  Human Right to Water and Sanitation: The Role of NHRI

Within the framework of the Danish Institute’s Training on NHRIs and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, WaterLex organised a training workshop in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 14 October 2013 to clarify the legal basis, meaning and implications of the human right to water and sanitation, as well as how NHRI can contribute to its advancement, promotion and protection. The workshop was addressed at National Human Rights Institutions representatives from African countries.

WaterLex presented the international and African regional framework on the human right to water and sanitation and discussed the responsibilities of States and other actors. The role of NHRI regarding research, promotion and protection was illustrated through different tools and practical experiences. Participants from countries like South Africa, Tanzania,  Uganda and Zambia shared their relevant work on this topic.

WaterLex presented the initiative “Monitoring Water Governance: the role of National Human Rights Institutions and Civil Society”. Recently launched at the Budapest Water Summit, the initiative aims at  capacity building, institutional support and mutual exchange of experiences to assist NHRI’s in the execution of their tasks in relation to water governance.

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