Situation analysis – Checkpoint

Situation Analysis

Yes / No

The analysis has identified the problem based on relevant human rights data.
The analysis has analyzed the problem by defining the most vulnerable groups and the root causes.
The analysis has defining the stakeholders in terms of rights-holders and duty-bearers.
The Most Vulnerable
The analysis took the most vulnerable groups as the point of departure.
The Root Causes
The analysis has looked beyond immediate causes and problems and towards underlying factors that shape people’s lives such as policies, laws, norms, practices and knowledge.
Rights-holders and Duty-bearers
The analysis has identified rights-holders and duty-bearers and their capacities as specifically as possible.
The stakeholders are included in the drafting of the analysis and consulted on its conclusions and recommendations.
Development Partner  
Will the results of the situation analysis be made public?
Are policies and strategies of the development partners itself consistent with the outcome of the situation analysis?
Has the development partner allocated enough resources to guarantee that the analysis really reflects the opinions of women and vulnerable groups?