Monitoring and Evaluation

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End of phase report of programmes
Human rights-based impact assessment

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Develop human rights objectives and expected results (targets)
Identify activities to strengthen rights- holders and duty bearers’ capacities
Assess and manage risks in relation to human rights

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Development cooperation partners using a HRBA should develop a monitoring and evaluation framework aligned with human rights standards and with the objective to follow-up the progress made in the realization of the right to water and sanitation. The monitoring and evaluation phases are fundamental to guarantee the principles of sustainability and accountability and offer relevant information to professionals that seek to implement similar projects.

  • During the implementation phase of the project, to ensure that the process and outputs respect the logical framework with a HRBA established during the planning phase
  • After completion of the project, in order to assess the impact of the project and compare with the expected impact identified during the planning phase

Through monitoring and evaluation, you make yourself accountable and transparent for your development activities in the country. By the end of the monitoring and evaluation process:

  • You should have completed a monitoring report assessing how much human rights have been integrated in the process and the impact of the project on the human rights situation, in this case, the HRWS, in the area of intervention
  • You will ensure that the monitoring report is available to the public, in particular, the national/ local authorities and the population